10 Father’s Day Cool Gifts for Rad Dads

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Fathers play a critical role in the development of their children. They offer guidance, love, and support. They also give life lessons, helping their kids become successful adults. Rad dads go the extra mile to teach their kids everything they love and find cool. That could be snowboarding, surfing, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, etc. Father’s Day is meant to show dads that we love them and appreciate their remarkable role in our lives. Here are ten gift ideas to make your old man feel special this Father’s Day. 

1. A Handmade Card

There’s something unique about handing someone a gift made by hand and with love. Buying expensive presents may not be practical for a child who still depends on their dad financially. Take your time to make your father a card with a loving message of appreciation for the critical role he continues to play in your life. Every rad dad would feel honored by this simple but genuine show of affection.

2. A Memory Board

If your dad is pretty rad, you probably have done many memorable things together. He likely taught you how to ride a bicycle, play a guitar, or deep sea dive. Usually, we keep memories of these special occasions in photos on physical or digital albums. Sift through some of the most memorable ones and print out copies. 

Make accompanying notes to develop a storyboard. The storyboard should express your gratitude for the moments, and an appreciation for the love and sacrifices from your father that made them possible. The mere thought that you remember the occasions, when and why they took place, and are thankful for them will certainly make your dad’s Father’s Day unforgettable. 

3. Cool Outfits

Rad dads work throughout their lives to ensure we have the best they can give. They make sure we have food, shelter, nice clothes, and proper education. As they grow older, some get so consumed in their work and caring for the family that they forget their personal needs. 

Cool customized outfits can be great functional and sentimental gifts. You know the man’s style and what he would look good in. You could get anything from lounge shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, caps, and much more. Make a budget and surprise your dad this Father’s Day. 

4. A Grooming Kit

Cool dads need to look and feel cool. Put together a quality grooming kit with the essentials every man needs to freshen up. These include:

  • Beard grooming essentials like shavers and shaving cream
  • Face wash
  • Moisturizer
  • Scrub
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Deodorant and perfume

These items will ensure your father looks polished and smells nice. 

5. A Phone Upgrade

If your dad is tech-savvy, you may have heard him talk about the cool features he would love in his next phone. Although he may be richer than you, surprising him with that phone upgrade would still elate him. As a rad dad, he is likely still active at his advanced age. He still wants to move stuff in and out of the garage, engage his grandchildren, and help with chores like lawn mowing. 

An active person will usually drop their phone every often. Get your father mobile protection accessories to keep his gift safe and functional for long. A screen protector and phone case are cheaper to replace than the phone screen and housing. Let these absorb the hit whenever your rad dad’s new gadget accidentally slips and falls. 

6. Gun Accessories

Guns are an American way of life. The country has more guns than people. Many citizens own more than one gun for different reasons. Some are gun collectors who are always eager to add an interesting piece to their collection. Others own rifles because they enjoy the thrill of shooting over the weekend. The rest acquire them for functional reasons like hunting and self-defense.

If your dad is a gun lover, you could gift them a new firearm if you can afford it. However, since firearms can be costly, you could customize his existing weapons. Gun accessories like Glock base plates, magazine extensions, and comfortable holsters would be welcome gifts if he carries. These gifts demonstrate that you love him and care about his hobbies and personal safety.  

7. Fishing and Hunting Gear

Many dads are outdoorsy. They will spend their weekends fishing and hunting big game with their kids. As a son or daughter, you’ve likely gone on several such expeditions with them. Since they love hunting and fishing, they probably already have the right gear. Even so, you could always upgrade that or get them a few modern items they may be lacking. A tailored camouflage, more hunting ammo, and unique fishing rods and baits would all excite a hunting and fishing enthusiast. Get these for your dad on Father’s Day to let him know that you value whatever he does.  

8. A Home Makeover

If you’re grown and successful, your dad must have done his best to help you achieve a comfortable life. The least you could do now is make him comfortable as he ages. One brilliant way of doing that is renovating his home. A simple paint job and a few fixture replacements can make a significant difference. 

9. A Customized Toolbox

Once again, rad dads are active dads. They don’t want to sit on the couch and have everything done for them. If a bulb needs to be replaced, they are happy to do it. If the tap leaks, they want to fix it, and if the bed gets a little shrieky, they are the ones to tighten the bolts. Most of these activities require simple tools that dads sometimes improvise.  Your dad would surely be intrigued by your thoughtfulness if you got him a customized toolbox for his DIY escapades. 

10. A Family Trip

Every rad dad loves some adventure. They are always excited to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the thrills it has to offer. A weekend camp is a brilliant idea for a Father’s Day treat. Let him relax as you cook, clean, and do everything for him. Make a bonfire in the evening and catch up over beer. If there’s a Father’s Day event close by, go with him and ensure he enjoys fun activities like hiking, biking, beer tasting, and karting. 

Final Thoughts

A Father’s Day gift does not need to be expensive. Good for you if you can splurge on that day. However, you must appreciate that the role dads play in our lives is invaluable. No matter how little or much you spend, it’s the thought that will count. Do whatever you can to honor and appreciate that father figure in your life. 

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