Top Travel Destinations Around the World for a Luxurious Escape

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  • Alaska 

If expansive vistas and gorgeous scenery are for you, then a luxury cruise to Alaska is something to consider. Get up close and personal with nature and be awed by the majestic mountains, glorious glaciers, and must-see wildlife like humpback whales, otters, eagles, and grizzly or polar bears – at a safe distance, of course! 

Don’t worry about icebergs or temperatures that are decades below zero. Most luxury cruises to Alaska are in the spring and summer months when the average temperatures are between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave behind humidity and sweltering summer temps to breathe easy in crisp air and clear skies and enjoy diverse activities on shore excursions ranging from seated to strenuous activity levels, depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Asia

Looking for a blend of futuristic cityscapes and remote paradises? Asia is home to several of the world’s largest cities and new and exciting destinations to explore. With spacious and luxurious accommodations, elegant dining, interesting epicurean delights for adventurous eaters, dazzling entertainment, and stunning sites from the ancient to the ultra-modern, Asia has something for the savviest of travelers. 

You can begin your Asian travel with a luxury cruise from North America’s west coast, heading across the Pacific or taking a jaunt up along British Columbia and Alaska before following the Ring of Fire to Tokyo to take in this vibrant city of 37 million people. Or, begin your journey at an Asian destination like Tokyo, Shanghai, or Bangkok then cruise to more remote destinations in the South Pacific, or continue on to Oceania. 

If you haven’t experienced the ethereal and otherworldly charm of Vietnam’s Hạ Long Bay, for example, talk to your travel advisor about a destination cruise that will allow you to take in the calm turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling or scuba and the towering limestone islands sporting emerald rainforest caps. 

  • South Pacific

Explore the many colors of sand and sea as you travel across the South Pacific, from the black sands and cobalt water of Tahiti to the sparkling white Fiji beaches with turquoise water or the infamous flamingo pink sands of Rangiroa, where the water is an enticing baby blue. Enjoy the lush green island vistas and diverse underwater seascapes as you island hop on 10- to 21-day cruise adventures aboard luxury ships or choose a single destination for extended relaxation and exploration. 

One top destination for financially savvy travelers and those looking for a luxurious getaway is the Maldives. Stay in one of the infamous overwater villas to wake up to expansive ocean views followed by swimming and sunning from your private dock. Don’t worry, you’re still steps away from sublime spa services and elevated dining experiences, along with butlers and concierges to help plan a blissful vacation catered just for you.

  • Australia & New Zealand

The 14 diverse countries of the Oceania region connect South Pacific island nations to Australia and New Zealand, creating an array of cultures and destinations you’ll want to experience. There’s plenty to see and do on the expanses of the Australian continent, from up-close encounters with kangaroos at Lucky Bay to a cross-country luxury rail adventure aboard The Ghan Train. Destinations in Australia and New Zealand are perfect to explore during the winter months in North America and Europe since the southern hemisphere is enjoying summer. Take a break from the ski chalet in Switzerland to enjoy a peek at The Great Barrier Reef or the dramatic cliff tops of Palliser Bay.

For adventurous travelers, this region includes some of the most exciting destinations to find the ultimate thrill so be sure to ask your vacation specialist about the many unique experiences available to up your adrenaline!  

  • South America

South America has so much to offer for the financially savvy traveler looking for a luxurious escape at stunning destinations. Explore the many small-group travel journeys that can take you through the Amazon rainforest, into the rhythms of Rio in Brazil, across the wilderness of Patagonia, inside the mysteries of Machu Picchu and Peru, or the wonders of the Galapagos – or an extended excursion immersing yourself in the diversity of this incredible continent. Or, sip your way across Argentina, Chile, and other destinations for wine enthusiasts.

Another excellent way for the discerning traveler to experience South America is aboard a luxury cruise, with options of up to 75 days of exploring with friends and family. Many of these cruises depart from the southern US, stopping at favorite Caribbean islands like Barbados or Aruba, then continue along the South American coast – and even around Cape Horn for a journey few boast. Ask your vacation specialist about unique destinations and extraordinary excursions to create a bespoke journey curated just for you. 

For the height of luxury with an extended family or group of up to 16 friends, experience the 16,000 square feet of lavish splendor in a Casa Teresa Luxury Villa in Costa Rica. Indulge yourself in the infinity pool just steps from a stunning beach or enjoy a cold plunge, sauna, and massage from your private oasis. Let your private chef create elevated versions of your favorite dishes or introduce you to new delights, while concierge services cater to your desires. 

Find the Best Luxury Travel Destinations for You

Ready to explore one of these luxury travel destinations or someplace else that catches your eye and piques your curiosity? One of the most lavish ways to travel and savor every moment is by sea. Luxury destination cruises cover almost every inch of the globe, from Alaska to Oceania and ports in between. You can live your dream of traveling to all seven continents and experiencing the sights, sounds, shopping, and cuisine of cultures and wonders worldwide. 

Working with a cruise and vacation specialist can help you determine your ideal destination and provide you with custom concierge service to plan the entire journey. Your specialist will help you find the best luxury cruise lines, exceptional experiences, and exclusive deals that will elevate your trip to the truly remarkable. All you have to do is pack. 

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