Trending Fashion Trends in 2024

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You’ve probably stumbled upon some new microtrend while scrolling on a social media platform. Blueberry milk nails, vanilla girl, dark academia, and athletic-core are all new looks that may have flashed across your screen. So which of these new trends are sticking around for 2024? And how can you best embrace them?

We’ve broken down the best fashion trends of 2024—how to wear them, find them, and make them your own. 

  • Clean Girl Aesthetic 

This has been a dominating trend on everyone’s FYP and it has many off-shoots. The clean girl has a muted and classic color palate, clean lines, classic fits, and natural make-up. This look screams ‘off-duty approachable it girl’. Opt for long-lasting pieces that can be worn in many different ways. When embracing this trend we recommend also looking for ways to add in pops of personality. Whenever looking for women’s clothing your own personality is the most important.  Maybe this can be a fun design on your nails, a signature bag, or even a quirky hair claw. 

  • Dark Academia 

Perhaps the spiritual opposite of the clean girl aesthetic, the dark academia trend is all about dark color palettes, baroque details, and embracing more of a maximalist approach. Think of inspirations like Winona Ryder movies in the 90s, Wednesday Adams, and indie rock musicians of today like Mitski and boygenius. Embrace this look by pairing classic pieces such as clean button-downs and blazers with combat boots and layered silver jewelry. 

  • Stacking and Layering

Minimalism has become a thing of the past in most of the dominating trends of today. So break out your jewelry box and pile on all of your favorite things. We love to layer necklaces to create a striking neckline, or stacking rings to lean into quirky bohemian vibes. Today, less is not more—your style can be as multi-faceted and diverse as you are. 

  • Whimsical Witch 

Styles from the 1990s have been back in a big way, and right now the whimsical witch aesthetic of the 1990s has been dominating. This look is all about deep colors, bohemian touches, and individuality. Inspiration from this style can be found in movies like Practical Magic and TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This style can be achieved through thrifting, DIYing elements, and repurposing pieces. There is lots of room for your imagination to run wild. 

  • Preppy Athleisure 

The jock and the prep have always existed around one another in the Venn diagram of style. But lately the preppy aesthetic has been incorporating athleisure to lead to a more laid-back vibe that can be worn almost anywhere. Think athleisure separates in pastel colors, letterman jackets, and cool sneakers. 

  • Girly Glam

Because of Barbie, The Eras Tour, and The Renaissance Tour 2023 was truly the year of the girl. Girl math, girl dinner, and girl style all dominated. Expect this trend to spill over into 2024. Bows, frills, and ruffles will all be permeating style in a big way. Designers like Sandy Liang and LoveShackFancy will continue to make hyper femme clothing that makes you feel like a princess. 

The best trend you can follow is the one you connect with, not the one that is the most ‘trending’. Personal style is always in style, and with how vast the internet has made our culture you should never feel like a box. You can take elements of each of these styles and incorporate them into something that feels true to you. Style is a language we use to tell the world about ourselves. So express yourself, have fun, and don’t be afraid to show everyone who you are. 

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