Statement Pieces and Subtle Accents: Mastering the Art of Balance in Accessorizing

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Whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, statement jewelry can play a fun role in your jewelry wardrobe. Statement pieces can personalize your style, and great accessories help stretch your budget further by allowing you to style your clothing in new ways. Unfortunately, bolder jewelry can sometimes be intimidating. Many people reserve it for special occasions. While statement jewelry can be special, you can wear show-stopping pieces every day by learning how to balance statement pieces and subtle accents.

Choose Your Statement 

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Your choice of statement piece should work with the outfit’s proportions and your body. For example, solid-layering necklaces in varying lengths can break up a solid-colored t-shirt or turtleneck, giving you a longer, balanced look. Dangling earrings can complement a rounder face shape, and a fantastic bangle can help balance out a bulky sweater top.

The Rule of 3 

Stylists swear by the rule of three for accessories. To create harmony and balance, add three accessories to your look. It can be one show-stopping item paired with two subtle accents, two bold pieces well spaced apart and a subtle accent piece, or three subtle pieces together to create a statement. This rule is easy to remember and an easy way to add accessories without overthinking it.

Statement Earrings 

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Statement earrings are the easiest way to add interesting pieces to your wardrobe. They make a huge impact without feeling overwhelming and can really pull a look together. Don’t have time to do your hair? A great pair of chandelier earrings paired with a slicked-back ponytail looks chic without even trying. Like to experiment with eyeshadow? Add a jeweled earring in a complementary color to your eye look to show off your artistry.

Statement earrings can also bring balance to your face shape. A round face shape looks great in a longer necklace, while a heart-shaped face looks good in something that brings width to the bottom of the face. Bold hoops flatter a square-shaped face, and a rounder-shaped earring highlights the angular lines of a diamond-shaped face. But, as with all fashion, wear what YOU like! Make the statement you want to make.

To balance your statement earrings, you should choose items that don’t have a lot of movement.

Pair oversized gold hoops with a custom gold bracelet and a gold chain for a polished look. Bring a touch of glamor to your outfit with a pair of dazzling chandelier earrings and balance it with an understated long pendant and a stunning cocktail ring. And don’t forget the versatility of a scarf! Could anything be more chic than large pearl earrings with a colorful neck scarf and a bangle?

Statement Necklaces 

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Statement necklaces have become a wardrobe staple because of their versatility. They can add glamor to a t-shirt and jeans, make basics bold, and update a white button-down shirt. They are also a very powerful tool for highlighting what you want people to see.

It is also important to consider your neckline when choosing a statement necklace. The shape of the necklace should be harmonious with the shape of the shirt. A longer necklace looks good with v-necks and halters, while a short, bold necklace looks best with button-down shirts. A turtleneck looks good with a variety of styles, while a scoop neckline looks perfect with a pendant.

To create balance with your accessories, pay attention to the type of statement necklace you are wearing. A shorter necklace with a lot of design elements looks best with a simple ring and bangle. A dramatic pendant looks more harmonious with a pair of dangle or drop earrings and a bolder bracelet. Remember, the closer the necklace is to the face, the more subtle the accessories must be. And don’t forget that you don’t need a statement necklace to make a necklace statement. You can layer smaller pieces and mix metals to create your very own look.

Statement Bracelets and Watches 

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Statement bracelets and watches are a great way to add sparkle without overwhelming your outfit. If you have smaller wrists and hands, stick to one statement piece, but for those with larger frames, feel free to pile on the bling! More is more when it comes to statement bracelets and watches.

Because statement bracelets fall so low on the body, you can easily pair them with statement earrings without losing balance. Just be sure your necklace is subtle. If you want an even more powerful look, pair a wrist full of bangles with a daring accessory like hair pearls or an incredible brooch. If you add one of these unexpected accessories, balance your look by adding them to the side opposite your statement piece.

Just try to avoid bold rings with statement bracelets and watches. This pairing can look crowded and bottom-heavy.

Let’s Accessorize

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These are just some of the choices for statement jewelry. To give your outfit a wow moment, you can choose statement brooches, rings, grills, anklets, or even statement body jewelry. Your options are as limitless as your imagination.

Once you master the art of balance in accessories, you can level up your outfits and make a statement every day.

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